Disney World Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! This past weekend my mom and I took a weekend trip to Disney World! We stayed at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. It was so nice! We went to Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom, relaxed by the pool, and even watched the fireworks show from our balcony.

Disney can be overwhelming at times, especially when the parks get overcrowded. You may think you won’t have enough time to get to all of the rides and wind up get stressed out. But it’s Disney and you shouldn’t be stressed out on vacation! I have been to Disney many times before and want to share some of my tips and tricks of how to have the best Disney experience.

Make fast passes early on in the day! The earlier in the day, the better because after you finish your first three fast passes, you can book another. And after that one is finished, another! Utilize this strategy.

Fast pass the longest wait timed rides first. For example– Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, or Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios.

Get there right when the park opens. If you are staying at a Disney resort you can often get into the parks earlier than others. Right when you enter the park go to the ride you’re most excited about first, that way you make sure you got to it and can even ride it again if there’s time!!

Extra magic hours! If you’re staying at a Disney resort make use of extra magic hours! These times will be far less crowded.

Plan out where you’re eating. You really have to make reservations if you do not want to wait hours for a table at a restaurant.

Off season. When booking your trip to Disney, try to go on the off season. I know this is often times hard to do, but it may be worth it. Check the calendar where you purchase tickets online to see when is off season.


I hope you guys find these tips helpful if you’re going to Disney sometime soon! Here are some pictures from my trip. XOXO -S-