Plane Travel Essentials

Sunday I head off to Punta Cana! I always keep a running list of my plane travel essentials. Here are most of them (click on the pictures to be brought to Amazon):

Headphones. I love my beats!! The sound is so crisp and clear. I also would rather use big headphones than in ear ones.

Books. I love to read on flights to pass the time. These are the books I am currently reading.


Neck pillow. I bring a neck pillow depending how long the flight is and if I have room to carry it. Usually when I fly FL to NY I won’t bring one since the flight is so short.

Comfy but cute outfit. My go to plane outfit is leggings and a cute top. I am definitely not one of those people who dresses in heels for going on a plane, but I still try to look put together.

iPad. I love to bring my iPad to play games on apps like Flow or Sudoku.

Medical things. I always carry medicine and anti-nausea bracelets with me. I get nauseous easily and these bracelets have saved me so many times whether I am on a plane, boat, or bus. I highly recommend them.

Gum. (And candy) Gum is an essential because I like to chew it during take off and landing to keep my ears from popping.

Phone charger. I recently got the otterbox phone charger and it is so heavy duty and 10 feet long! Well worth the money.

Oil pads. I carry these wherever I go but on planes especially. I love the Boscia brand ones. They have all different types too.

Hand sanitizer. Obviously. Planes have nasty germs. Ew.

Extra hair ties. You just never know when you will need one!

Chapstick. For when your lips dry out.


I hope you found this list useful. What is in your plane travel bag? Comment on this post or on my Instagram picture!